Tuesday, 25th September

Mick has a walk each morning along Narrawallee beach with his friend Graham. We were up and ready to join them – it was a beautiful morning! Unfortunately Graham did not materialise and we were pleased that, upon enquiry, it was established that we had not frightened him off.

The beach was beautiful. There were few people there, the majority (if you can have a majority of five people) dog walkers. From right to left the beach was just over a kilometre long.

We walked to the wonderfully coloured cliff at the end and back again.

There was some interesting seaweed on the beach. Little balloon shaped items. Fascinating.

When we got back to our start point there was a gentleman doing some amazing Tai Chi with remarkably balanced stances. It was literally poetry in motion! We were introduced to him and chatted for a bit and then he went back to his moves. What an amazing spot to do Tai Chi!

Aileen had booked us in to a local vineyard that happened to have a brewery attached and, as we found out, served amazing food. We had a great lunch with incredible views over the surrounding countryside.

Keith had his now familiar beer tasting paddle.

And a good time was had by all! Outside was all go – with a visiting bottling plant busy at work…..

And a chap pruning the vines……..

Back at Darragh towers, Keith made friends with a local Kookaburra.

Sadly we had all eaten too much at lunch time to eat Mick’s planned dinner, which was postponed for a day and a jolly evening was spent with music and chat.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday, 25th September”

  1. Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
    Merry merry king of the bush is he
    Laugh kookaburra laugh
    Kookaburra gay your life must be.

    ..c’mon…all join in….

    In a round


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