Wednesday 29th August

It was still quite cloudy and very windy in the morning and the planned snorkelling trip for those who wanted it was more or less abandoned. However, we all tripped off to Turquoise Bay and a few hardy annuals took to the water.

Other would be snorkelers shivered with their flippers on the beach, goose bumps very much in evidence. Despite the wind and chilly feel it was a beautiful spot for those of us fully dressed and the sea was really turquoise with the white ridge of the reef in the distance…….

We walked along the shoreline scanning the water for interesting marine life and were rewarded with the murky shape of a stingray. Turning a corner, we came across the unexpected phenomena of two tides meeting, the waves and eddys meeting and crossing each other.

Some abandoned flippers seemed to sum up the excursion!

After about an hour there we returned camp and after lunch headed off to the Vlamingh Head lighthouse.

This point marks the most westerly edge of Western Australia. From the viewing point we could clearly see the end of the Ningaloo Reef.

(Interesting eye look here…..)

Brenten had to go into town (Exmouth) for supplies, so we all trailed along and were rewarded by finding a small brewery.called ‘Froth’. It was Yael’s birthday so we all piled in and we drank her health, some more copiously than others. It was good beer and slipped down very nicely.

Rather unusually it was ‘free time’ when we returned to camp. The wind had died down, so it was a good time to catch up on things including the sleep that had eluded us the night before!!

After a barbecue supper and having been told of the 6.00 am start the next day, we adjourned for an early night serenaded by the birthday revellers singing round the fire!

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