Wednesday, 26th September

We all passed on the morning walk as it was raining. However, by the time we had eaten breakfast the day had brightened, so we set out for walk on the peninsula in Ulladulla. There are in fact two walks that are part of a project called ‘One Track for All’ which has been designed and created by the Budawang Landcare Group and tells the history of the Milton Ulladulla from an Aboriginal perspective. All along the route there are carved wooden story boards telling the tale of the land, its animals, its original inhabitants and the arrival of the white man.

The entrance had a large carving.

A sample of the boards – as always it did not go well for the Aboriginals.

The wooden panels were slightly faded but told a poignant story of indigenous people of the area completely overtaken by the incomers.

We lunched at the Mollymook Beach Cafe, determined to eat Mick’s curry for supper. Keith and I both had a fish burger – the fish in these parts is excellent!

We returned home after lunch, but late afternoon we were out again to see the view from the enormous Golf Club in the fading light. It was certainly a cracking view and looked over the point where we walking earlier in the day. I was a little concerned at the number of people there – why weren’t they at work?!? (Once an HR person, always an HR Person!}

It was then home to an excellent paella. Tomorrow we are all off to Canberra for a flying visit to see the famous Floriade, a famous celebration of Spring Flowers.

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