Tuesday 29th September

We were up early as we wanted to get a good few hours walking in before we headed back to the City.  There being no signs of life from our hosts we took the liberty of leaving our bags in the garage in order that we could walk unencumbered.  The route out to the cliff path was stunning with colour.

image image

Within twenty minutes we were back to the Leura Cascades and out on the path called Prince Henry’s Cliff Walk.  There was no one about and it was a beautiful day.  It was perfect.

The path continued very much as it had done the previous day, closely hugging the contours of the cliff. We had an amazing moment when we found a Lyre Bird digging for grubs at our feet – totally oblivious to our excitement at seeing him! Parrots sat in the branches overhead.  We passed Honeymoon Point which provided another breathtaking view over the mountains, came across more fern trees and still we walked on.  The views were breathtaking!

image imageMonday 27th September image image

The sulpher crested cockatoos again flew below us. We wandered along the track just absorbing the beauty of it all. We eventually arrived at Echo Point, looking back of the Three Sisters Stacks and decided to call a halt. We had to get back so we retraced our steps – staring in wander at one particular overhang and pausing to sit and watch two parrots sitting a tree warbling to each other…….

image image image image

We eventually reached the Leura Cascades and walking back up the track towards Leura town walked straight into a snake sunbathing   Now anybody who knows me knows I don’t do snakes, and I was not convinced that it was a grass snake as Keith said …….  Bravely (I thought) I circumnavigated said creature and we moved on. I am still in the recovery mode from this particular case experience!

image image image

We wandered back up the road to pick up our bags again – we had been walking over four hours, but we had had a great time.

More flowers edged our path….

image image image image

What a great place to walk.

we met our hosts as we entered the garden to pick up our bags   They were amazed at the ground we had covered – they told us thar they have lived in Leura fo10 years and have never got to Echo Point!

One thought on “Tuesday 29th September”

  1. Knowing Australia’s reputation for venomous snakes, I think anyone would have been nervous about the close encounter, not just you Pauline.


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