Wednesday 30th September

We were beginning to gather ourselves for our departure on Friday.  Keith was cooking a ‘last supper’ for Wendy and Sarah, Justine and Tony and had been gathering his ingredients over several days.  Nevertheless there were a few last minute items required so we set out to walk to the local shops, much disparaged by Justine!  In actual fact the mission proved surprisingly successful and we headed home confident that there was a meal prospect. I had always been confident there would be – I have never known Keith not put on a good meal!

We were outstanding a birthday present to leave for Mickey, so leaving ‘chef’ to do his magic, I took off to the City -alone.  Unfortunately when I got to the shop they had sold the item required so, having exhausted the ordering option I spent a frenetic hour or so looking for an alternative.  All to no avail.  I could not find anything suitable.  Disaster.   Back to the drawing board…..

However in my search I was able to get a couple of good clock photos in the QVB (queen Victoria Building) and a sighting of Queen Victoria’s statue, together with her dog (? I did not know she had one!) which Keith and I had missed on our previous visit.

image image image image

Justine had very kindly invited me to have a drink with her before catching the bus home.  This all went to plan and she took me to a revolving bar on the top of a building near the infamous bridge.  What fun as Justine and I had ‘previous’ on revolving buildings (take two roving HR people in a revolving restaurant in Hong Kong many years ago – unable to find their table on the return trip from the literally ‘revolving’ buffet……add chickens feet and lost handbags and you have the scene!).   We laughed as we reminded each other of the event and sipped our bubbles as Sydney City slowly moved around us.  Then there was the bridge – looming before us   It was a magical moment with a dear friend.

image image

We left our drinking spot for the bus and arrived home just in time to prep for our dinner party and put the ‘front of house’ in place to do justice to Keith’s cooking.  We just had the best silver and China in place and Sarah and Wendy arrived. Tony matsrialised soon after and – following the overcoming of an escapee cat problem (the two pet cats are constantly desperate to get out) – we all sat down to Keith’s splendid array of food. It was just great to have our four Sydney hosts together….. Another great evening!


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