Monday, 1st October

Monday dawned bright and sunny again and the boat trip looked on the cards. By the time we got up, Justine and Tony had run the Long Reef circuit and the prep had been done. Sometimes one can feel really lazy here in the face of the commitment to exercise! At 10.00 we were near to the off. Tony had some last minute boat prep to do as the boat had not been near the water for over year.

The plan was for Justine and me to take ‘Priscilla’, her pink jeep, and the boys would take the girls and the boat to the water for boat launching. We followed them to the boat ramp to ensure all well.

On the thumbs up, we departed to drive to the final cruise destination too set up camp for the barbecue at Clareville Beach Reserve. Sadly – despite the initial optimism – word came through that there was a problem and our excited sailors were not going to be able to take to the water. As tables are very sought after on sunny long weekends, I was sent on ahead to stand guard at a table. This was not such an arduous responsibility, especially when I was joined by a sulphur crested cockatoo, who decided to keep me company while I waited for the others to arrive.

There was a lot of barbecuing activity taking place a day very soon Keith and Tony had arrived to take up their station.

Initially there were two chaps using the second barbecue. Upon enquiry, we found they were from Faversham and one had only been living here for three months. It is a small world.

Despite the sunshine, there was a fairly brisk breeze, but when the sun came through the trees it was lovely. Yummy food over, we set off for a walk along the beach to view the amazing houses that skirted the sand and choose the one we would have if the opportunity arose. It was then time to set off to find ice-cream.

Unfortunately the requested ‘gelato’ was not available and we had to make do with a very lacklustre offering. However we found another beach to wander before returning home to family film time.

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