Sunday, 30th September

An energetic start to the day was planned with a walk around the Narrabeen Lake for Keith and me, a run around the lake for Tony and Justine and a run down the hill for the girls to meet us at the start/finish point. The girls were allowed a lie in as it would not take them long to jog down the hill.

We have done the Narrabeen Lake circuit a couple of times in the past and it was interesting to note familiar landmarks. We met Justine and Tony running the other way round at about half way and saw the familiar pelican on the lamppost as we came out into a more urban area.

We met a Mum out with her brood of chicks…….

It is just over 8 kms around the lake. We made it in just under 2 hours but this included stopping for a juice to be made about 2/3rds round. When we arrived back at the lakeside start the girls were in place and breakfast brunch cooking had been started. The tablecloth was in place.

Eating over we took off for a coffee stop and to inspect where they had breached the sandbank at the head of the lake, to enable the sea to top up the water.

It was a jolly family day.

Justine adjourned to work when we got home and we took over responsibility for the pork for supper. The boys caught the highlights of the golf before we adjourned for a very early night. It was a long weekend and a boat trip was planned for the holiday Monday

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