Wednesday, 19th September

We got up at 7.00 to take part in the requested birthday breakfast of hot croissants. There was no thought of waiting for supper time to open her gifts. She was on them like a rash!

Despite the excitement, everyone had gone by 8.00 and Keith and I tidied and arranged the gifts in a suitable display. There was then a bit of a pause before taking off to meet our chums Wendy and Sarah at the Boathouse in Manly for lunch. We got the bus to Manly and then had to walk along the beach path before reaching the Boathouse.

It was a bit blowy but sunny and we had a lovely walk along the shore before arriving at the restaurant – a real beach paradise in a beautiful location. The food was good too.

After a very enjoyable lunch catching up with each other’s news, they very kindly carried us off to see how a house ‘stylist’ had ‘improved’ their house which is up for sale. The house was absolutely stunning before. It has now had a stylist makeover to enhance it. This ‘makeover’ has more or less left the Girls with a bed and a couple of bar stools in the kitchen in which to live until the house is sold!

Wendy and Sarah very kindly took us home and the day took off again at about 4.00 when the girls and Justine (very unusually) arrived home and preparation commenced for the evening’s outing. Once again at the Birthday Girl’s request we were off out for Pizzas. This was to be no ordinary Pizza though – we were going to have a metre of Pizza followed by a Nutella Pizza. Definitely a new experience for us!

Coco, as in all things’ was well versed in the process as, looking very glamorous, she chose the toppings for our outsized affair. Which, when it arrived exceeded our table size by several inches!! It was great fun.

Unfortunately there was something of a holdup on the pudding Pizza. After several reminders and nothing happening the Manager came out with a 3 kg tub of Nutella for Coco to apologise!

She thought she had died and gone to heaven!!! And then the Nutella pizza arrived…….!

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