Thursday/Friday 20/21st September


We decided on a quiet day to enable me to catch up with my memoirs. As it was a grey wet day this proved to be a good decision and, apart from a stroll around the block, we were pretty inactive.


We had decided to pop into the City again and Keith was cooking a fish curry for supper, so supplies had to be purchased. The fish was the result of a family fishing expedition to Darwin some weeks before and the freezer was full. Upon enquiry it transpired that the fish had been frozen and packed up in a case before they left Darwin. The bag then formed part of their luggage to Sydney 😳. I found myself wondering how Ryanair might have reacted had they been fishing in Europe and it was required to be flown home….

Anyway to get back to our day, we did a little more retail therapy and then went to the Rocks where we knew there was great street food on Fridays.

A successful forage found us with a Turkish gozleme and juice, listening to a very tuneful singer. On the return journey we dropped off at the Mall to make our supper purchases and it was not long before joined at home by Justine and the girls.

A very good Thai fish curry later and it was time for bed, it was another celebration day on the morrow. Coco had 11 chums coming for a birthday tea. I had a feeling it was going to be important to be ‘fresh’.

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