Monday 20th August
We slept well and late and woke up to sunshine and ready to take on the day. Keith wasn’t quite so perky after he found that the milk ‘Dana’ had proudly heralded the night before as  awaiting our use in the ‘fridge was dated 26th June……..C’est la vie!
 Seeing this minor stumbling block as a ‘stepping stone’, we set out for ‘brunch’.  This we found in the ‘Two Reubens’  Cafe.   The designer flaky painted plaster, a motley collection of chairs and dehydrated tradescantia plants belied the standard of the food – the poached eggs were perfect!
Well sustained, we headed down to the waterfront, passing the Little Creatures Brewery on the way to the fish market where we purchased fish for supper.
Returning to town via the local Cole’s  Supermarket, we headed out again for a further promenade which rather inevitably took us back the Little Creatures Brewery.  This time we took the opportunity to sample their wares……
A couple of hours (and fun people watching) later we abandoned the planned sunset watching from the harbour wall as a big black cloud and weather front looked ominous. We arrived home before the heavens opened and Mr. Gregory rustled up a very tasty Thai style coconut fish curry on cauliflower rice.
All things considered, a good start!

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