Australia 2018

……and so another adventure begins.   It is 2018.  My 70th year and to date no reins on my roving.  I cannot believe my good fortune and feel duty bound to take advantage of it.  This time a forage into northwestern Australia.  From Perth to Darwin.  Some say ‘there is nothing there’, others recognise the riches and envy the opportunity. I will add another set of chronicles to my travelling diary – so that I can look back and remember.

Saturday 18th August
We set off!  (Very) Light bags packed,
ADCC24B1-A221-4517-AE97-50A82807E9EFwe were collected and delivered to the airport.  Just after 2.30 completely unnoticed by me, we took off.  The Business Class upper deck did not have the usual aura of calm.  Children of all ages, shapes, sizes and tongues surround us and we volunteered our ‘couple friendly’ double seats to an anxious and harassed mother separated by the discrete bars meant for the single occupant. Keith and I met up for a chat at the bar, then went our separated ways until Dubai.
Sunday 19th August
We left Dubai circa 2.00 am. UAE time and settled down to sleep after ‘breakfast’ for the long sleep to Perth.   We arrived at about 5.30 Perth time to a balmy evening with the sun setting as we were whisked from the very empty airport to our Fremantle hideaway.  Coincidentally ‘Dana’ our contact for the accommodation was at the door when we arrived and took us to the fifth floor apartment which is to be home for our stay.
Undeterred by our time confusion we decided to go out and stretch our legs after our fairly lengthy sojourn in the air and rekindle our relationship with the Monk Brewery Bar in downtown ‘ Freo’.  Here we found beer, cider and food. All was very welcome if enjoyed in an atmosphere of quiet contemplation.   We were a little low on conversation and it was not long before we hopped off our bar stools and set out for home and bed.  Tomorrow the 3rd Australian saga begins.

5 thoughts on “Australia 2018”

  1. Hi Pauline. I’m really looking forward to our periodic shot of “adventure by proxi”. Enjoy the trip; I know that I will.


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