Monday, 10th April

Our last day in Australia, but it was certainly last but not least! We were off to the Sydney Sealife Aquarium with Coco and Mickey.
It was quite chilly while we waited for the bus and we were all glad that we had brought the extra layer! We took the bus, then walked to Darling Harbour where the aquarium is located.  

We purchased our lunch and ate it before we started our watery excursion.  Keith had booked the tickets in advance which was good. It is the first day of the school Easter Holiday, so the queue for tickets was pretty horrendous. 

Entering, we moved into a marine world that was quite fantastic. First the jelly fish…..,

Then through every aspect of underwater life…….

Coral……. and endangered fish

Strange land creatures……..

We fed fish from a glass bottomed boat all geared up in life jackets

And after a thorough briefing, took to the water. We learnt lots about the deterioration of the Great Barrier Reef (50% has already gone) and new facts for Keith and I about sharks. The girls are pretty well connoisseurs on the shark front – answering questions correctly and gaining themselves top marks! We peered through the bottom of the boat at the fish traffic below us

 Armed with fish food, the fish flakes were cast upon the water and with a flash of fins this was consumed almost as it hit the surface!

The boat experience completed, we wandered through the shark and ray section  …….

What a day!

Fished out, we took off for home.  Coco was going to make the pudding for the evening’s meal, so she and I stayed on the bus when the others got off to go and get her ingredients and then we walked back. There then followed a very industrious hour on her part to make the pudding. 

A little disloyally maybe, we had fish and chips for supper.  Tony was out on business.  The triumph of the meal was Coco’s production – not yet named but voted a great success!

Heston eat your heart out!

And so to bed in Australia for the last time this around – we leave for home tomorrow!

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