Saturday, 8th April

Another lovely sunny day.  We cannot believe our good fortune!

We had a good solid brunch on the balcony to start the day.  The boys were going on a brewery tour so there was an element of stomach lining to be done………There was a bit of free time before Justine took the chaps to the brewery. Alistair who had been roped into this activity, was going to find his own way there. 

On her return, the girls and I piled into the car and we set off for our own afternoon’s entertainment.  

First stop, the ice cream bar at Avalon Ice creams all round!

Nest stop, Justine’s favourite beach – Clareville.  It was lovely.  J and I wandered along, assessing the houses that come right down to the beach.  They were stunning.  There were a few people around but plenty of. Room and a lot of boats moored off the beach. 

And there was sufficient room for beach cricket …..

I was very pleased with my 2 runs!

Play ended, we went off to a nearby ‘pub’, the Newport Arms.  An amazing place, with something for every age group.  Games for the young, food for everyone. Cocktails for the upwardly mobile.   Beer and sport on tap for the boys.  Everyone catered for in a lovely setting amongst trees and tables right down to the beach. 

The girls had a pizza, 
The older girls had a glass of rose
A great afternoon.  There was still no word from the boys when we headed home. 

We eventually heard from them at circa 6.30! With a request to descend the hill to collect the. And bring more beer!  I thought it might be a tad messy.  However,  they were in surprisingly good shape and had walked, via several pubs, home from the brewery tour.   They had dragged young Alistair (of Ed Sheehan fame)  along to the outing, as well as a chum of Tony’s.  Quite a merry band!  Alistair took off for home (it was good to get another sighting and I was comforted that he did not look damaged by his experience!) and we headed back up the hill to await the day’s next excitement. 

(Keith’s picture of the sunset on their walk back! Not a forest fire!)

Justine’s brother Hal was getting married in Goudhurst Church at 2.00 pm UK time (11.00 pm Aus time) and it was to be ‘streamed’ to us.  Whatever that means.  So, food and a Bond film later – through which Tony and Keith more or less slept solidly – we were ready for the wedding, in my case dressed ready for bed straight after the ceremony.  Justine with her usual flair appeared in her posh Shanghai Tang pyjamas……….

‘Streaming’ proved a little more challenging than originally thought but we saw young Hal get married.  Good luck to the bride and groom!

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