Thursday, 30th March

We were not up early.  The Wightman’s had left long since when we got up.  As predicted it was raining and expecred to continue to be wet for the whole day.  

We had volunteered to do the cooking, so set off on the bus for Westfield, the nearest shopping Mall.  This has been greatly developed since we were last here.  Regrettably the developments, which are not yet finished, have not been built with rain in mind.  Throughout the complex, there were buckets on the floor to collect the drips from the ceiling.  Oops!

The weather was so bad that we decided to get the bus back after having a bite to eat there. 

So something of an uneventful day.   Keith cooked and we ate supper with Tony and the girls.  Justine had been caught up in the cyclone further north and delays meant she was unlikely to arrive home until midnight.  

We adjourned to bed.  Hopefully a better day tomorrow from the weather perspective. 

Just before bedtime we learnt that our planned trip to meet our train chums would have to be cancelled due to the early arrival of a grandchild who had been expected later next week.    Disappointing for us, but wonderful for them.  I am confident we will meet up with them some time in the future. 

We had also learnt that correspondence between us and Wendy and Sarah has not been getting through and they have been trying to arrange to meet up with us with Peter,  who we thought we were not going to be able to see again this trip.  We are now connected again, thank goodness, and will have dinner with them all on Friday in Collaroy. Really great news.  

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