Monday, 6th March

We packed up, consumed our remaining fruit for breakfast, and put the rest of the leftovers into a wrap for the journey and we were off. The chill of Tasmania was in the air. In fact it was cold. Time to leave for warmer climes! The temperature in Perth is in the thirties. 
We returned to Hobart airport, left the car and caught the flight to Melbourne, the first leg of our journey. We had a two hour wait there, much improved by spending it in the Qantas lounge,  courtesy of Helen. We moved back three hours in Perth…….

At the airport we parted company with Helen who went to spend a couple of days with family. We took a cab to the centre – to Keith’s delight passing the WACA on the way. It was Labour Day and a Bank Holiday so we bought some food in a supermarket and returned to our apartment to eat it and try to get our hours sorted out.  

Tomorrow we will explore Perth……..

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