Tuesday 28th February

Another beautiful day in paradise!  We got up fairly promptly as we were setting off for Hobart, a good five hours drive away and the plan was to break the journey with a walk around the Lake St Clair region, the south western lake in the Cradle Mountain National Park. 

Our route initially took us up through thick rain forest as we left Strahan and its harbour behind.  Rising up behind the forest was a string of mountains looking like a spine of grey rock. A wooden pathway hung off the side of a hill in the near distance in a very precarious fashion……… no doubt a track used by the miners.  We were back in mineral country. 


As the road flattened out again, an air strip came into view.  The runway looked pretty dusty, no sign of so much as a wind sock!

 We passed through Queenstown, where we saw absolutely no-one, and resumed on the road out f the town, which twisted and turned as we made our way eastward.  Unexpectedly we found ourselves caught behind four vehicles – unheard of!!  We travelled in convoy with them for at least half an hour before the road widened sufficiently to pass them. 
After 94 Km’s we turned off to have a break at Lake St Clair.  The Visitors Centre was full again, but once we headed off on the Platypus Trail we saw very few people.  The walk was for just an hour. We saw no Platypuses, but the scenery as always was awesome. They had felled some huge trees along the path and others went straight up to the heavens with a few branches right at their tops showing some leaves.  

The path was broad and clearly defined, and we eventually reached the twinkling lake with its sandy beach………

Following our walk it was a quick lunch and back on the road to Hobart.    It was another couple of hours to the city.  Initially the road ran parallel with the lake, but eventually this was left behind and we were into meadowland and the road became much straighter.  We passed a hydro electric plant in a deep valley and we were then back to sun bleached grassland.  
Telegraph pylons marched across the landscape. Black cows grazed in fenced fields.  There were homesteads that looked remote but it was now only an hour to Hobart…… and then we were meeting traffic and there were roundabouts and a traffic jam. We were in the City. 

We made our way to our accommodation on the West side – our home for the next few days.  Tomorrow we explore Hobart.  

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 28th February”

    1. They’re ought to be an Aussie word for it too…you have the skies often enough!
      The weather has been amazing…even the locals are saying it’s unusually hot for this time of year.


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