Wednesday 16th September

We had a fairly lazy start to the day, but are really into the habit of getting up early and I was not surprised to learn that the girls had been out for an early walk when they arrived back for breakfast.   It did not take us long to pack the car up and get off.  We are getting quite slick at this.  The car itself has been an absolute boon.  We bought wine for Wendy’s sister and brother in law to say thank you for lending it, but I am not sure we could ever let them know how much we appreciated it.  It has literary swallowed up six people and all their luggage, a mobile larder and drinks department.  Fantastic!

Anyway it was quite a long drive back to Sydney – probably about five hours.  We had a pit stop on the way but little more than that as we were to meet up with two of Wendy and Sarah’s friends for dinner.  We have a yen for visiting Iran and this couple have just been. We were keen to hear what they thought, so a gathering had been arranged for us to quiz them.

We were all a bit quiet in the car.  It had been an amazing week and quite a ‘full on’ one. However when we got back, Wendy suggested a short walk to blow the cobwebs away and we were off out to another of the coastal promontories of the area.  Once again the waves crashed at the bottom of the cliffs below us as we walked looking down on beaches and lagoons along the way.image image

There was another interesting development in that it would seem that nasturtiums grow wild here. All along the way, nasturtiums rambled over the headland – between the houses that banked up to the left of us as we walked with their amazing views over the ocean and the rocky cliff edge. It is apparently a regular dog walk for Sarah and Wendy and is close enough to their home in Curl Curl for them to walk to it. How good is that?

Walk over, we prepared to go out. We went back to Bangkok Betty’s that we had enjoyed so much before we left Sydney. Piling back into our conveyance we picked up the friends, Liz and Alan, and off we went.  The food was excellent once again but I was surprised at how divergent their views were on Iran. For Alan it sounded pretty underwhelming.  I think Liz enjoyed it more……. Interesting.

We dropped them off on the way home and it was back for our last night in Curl Curl.

On Thursday we move to the Colleroy Plateau – whatever that might mean…….! – and Helen returns to Alice Springs. The Silk Roadies as Keith has christened us are to scatter to the four winds again.

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