Tuesday 2nd September – cooking for Al

We woke up to good news regarding the seat launching ceremony in Tollesbury in that it had gone well.  Curly’s perch has been declared open. An excellent result.

We were up very early to go to the South Melbourne market to purchase the ingredients for the meal Keith wanted to cook for Al For dinner.  I felt a little out of place in my bright orange cardigan amongst the blacks and greys of the city workers on the tram. However, despite being inappropriately dressed, we reached the market well before 9.00.

It is not the biggest market in town, but we were advised (Mr F again!) that it was the place to go for fresh food shopping. And so it proved. The meat, fresh fish and vegetables were superb and K was spoilt for choice in terms of what he should cook. In the end decisions were made, ingredients were found and purchased and we could stop for a bijou breakfast.

We found an even quicker tram route back and were soon swinging along Swan street with our bulging backs, with Keith itching to get his stock going. A rather domestic day ensued  in the apartment which was quite good as it had started to rain.  Keith cooked and I blogged and popped out for last minute purchases. Richmond feels very much our patch now.

by the time Al arrived (carrying what was very much a gamp rather than an umbrella) all was ready and we broke open the second bottle of champagne that he had very kindly bought on his first visit.

The evening took a very similar form to that of his previous evening with us –  except the food was much nicer!  More reminiscences of larks and antics and lots of laughter.  I think the pair of them were probably very naughty boys.  Al is still saying he is going to return to the UK but I wonder……

I adjourned early to leave them together. I wonder if we will ever see Al again……

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