Friday 24th August

We needed to get to Perth before the end of the day but arranged with Dana that we could leave our luggage in the apartment after check out time in order that we could spend our last morning in Fremantle.  Having packed up we were out early.  Our first stop was to visit the market – a vibrant mix of rather odd things you can easily live without and really colourful, interesting food.  The market only opens at weekends so it was our first and last chance to experience it.  After a brief coffee stop, I just had to return to the optician that supplied the Ann and Valentin spectacles and I am ashamed to report that a purchase was made – I could not resist them and decided they are to be my birthday present to me!
Moving swiftly on….!
We went back to Bread in Common for an early lunch.
Another excellent meal later and having picked up our baggage we found a bus just outside our accommodation that would take us, albeit convolutedly,  to Perth from where we picked up another bus to our hotel.  A result.  Buses in Central Perth are free.
Having booked in, it was time to find where we were to be picked up for the trip as it appeared that it would not be from our hotel as previously indicated.  The. ‘Britannia Hotel’ turned out to be a backpackers hostel…….  more of which later!  Pick up time there was 6.45 in the morning.  Time from our hotel – about 20 mins. That was where we had to get with our luggage by 6.45
Having eaten a good lunch we went in search of something snacky for supper and having failed to find a supermarket found a sort of dried goods / delicatessen which appeared like the queen of all food shops with L large bins of nuts, spices, grains and pulses.  It was a great middle Eastern food Kasbah. Unfortunately we weren’t into that sort of need but found hummus and sumdried tomatoes  for our repast.   After a quick beer on the way back, it was home to take advantage of the Wi-fi as it is likely to be the last we can rely on before Darwin..
… and so to bed.

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