19/20th September. The birthday weekend!

Jusine, Tony and Coco were up at 7.00 to go to a boxing session and Keith and I felt quite lazy when we emerged at 9.00 to join the party food foraging trip. While Justine and I shopped for food, Tony and Keith went off to the party shop as they are to be ‘game hosts’ for the gathering. The amount Keith knows about 9 year old children’s party games would probably sit very comfortably on a postage stamp, but I had to admire his commitment to the task!

Mission accomplished, party food obtained, we collected Coco from her gymnastics class and returned home for a brunch and birthday present opening.  I am pleased to report that our gift – opened first on the basis of that it was the heaviest – was well received and that the new reed made a very obvious improvement to the clarinet’s performance!  She had some lovely presents and her enthusiasm for everything is a great thing to behold.


The Wightmans were going ‘en famille’ to a ballet performance in the afternoon, so Keith and I decided to walk down to the Collaroy beach below us.  As it was not a great afternoon and we had been left in charge of making pizza dough, as home made pizzas were the supper of choice for the birthday girl, we did not venture far but walked the length of the beach and then battled back up the hill. I was impressed that I only needed two stops for the view, which was pretty impressive (both the view and my puff!).


On their return, Tony fired up the pizza oven on the balcony and Coco gave us a lesson in pizza making and we all tucked into our pizzas that were adorned with our own personal topping options.  Tony felt his Father’s Day Pizza paddle improved the flavour imageno end!image

It was then an early night after we had wrapped up the pass the parcel present, as there was a full on day ahead!

Sunday dawned bright and Justine was up early cooking buns to decorate as part of the party games.  Tony and Keith then started to do their games set up and Coco, Justine and I went off to purchase the rainbow birthday cake – truly an amazing concoction, teaming with E numbers, but Coco thought it was lovely.  She could not stop peeking into the top of the cake box in absolute wonder!

Back at the Castle things were hotting up. Coco put on her dress and a long black wig, having dismissed blond locks as not the image she wanted to portray.   Mickey’s friend arrived – the two older girls were going to take on supervision duties (from the superior position of 11 year olds!) – and Keith started baton chopping carrots and cucumber, the healthy party food option.    Gradually the table started coming together and at 11.30 the young guests started to arrive all in very colourful fancy dress.

Tony and Keith immediately went into action with ‘pin the moustache on the man’s face’ (apparently tails and donkeys are old hat!) and we were off!  I have to say that all went very smoothly.  Everyone was very well behaved, the carrot and cucumber batons were eaten in preference to pizza and a jolly good time was had by all.  The birthday girl blew out her candles, party bags were handed out, everyone said their ‘thank you’ nicely, Mums and Dads arrived to take their children home and it was over.  The birthday had been celebrated.   Another pile of presents were piled


up to be opened and we all went off down to the beach for a stroll in the fresh air to blow away the cobwebs.

It was nice to be out.  We joined the other strollers walking around the headland.  We passed the golf course on one side, the sea on the other  – and a wonderful rainbow appeared in the sky for us…… A good day all round.  Tomorrow the zoo.

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