Monday 7th September off to Sydney! To

As the  breakfast in our accommodation sounded expensive we decided to leave Woollongon behind us and find something to to eat as we made our way to Sydney.  We were very pleased that we made this decision.  It was a beautiful sunny day and after driving not more than twenty minutes we came to Bouli Beach where the Cafe literarily on the sand served really interesting breakfasts. We tucked in to baked berlotti beans with chorizo in a pot with poached eggs and fresh orange juice. It was very good.


Thus revived, we set off to take the coast road to Sydney.  We had a lovely morning.  We stopped at several beaches.  Some were totally empty, others had a few people on them. At one we got out and wandered along the fine white sand and then sat on a rock and watched surfers – in one case a whole family – Mum, Dad and two small children with their own mini surf boards.  They looked totally fearless.  We saw a real collection of dogs of all shapes and sizes – all keen to please – just happy to be alive. There were children playing in the sand and retirees just strolling along the waters edge.  It was idyllic.   We then drove into the Royal National Park – the twisting road ran along the sea shore and then would turn away and become a tree lined road, gradually climbing up and then turning back to the sea.  It was beautiful.  At one point we came down towards a riverside.  We sat and watched the birds and the sun dancing on the water

image image image image

Then it was time to head to the city.

We were due to meet up with Wendy and Sarah at the airport and then we were going to wait for Helen to fly in from Alice Springs.  Luckily the airport is on the South east corner of Sydney so the drive in was not too onerous.  We just followed the airport signs. Thankfully the Hertz dropping off point was equally accommodating and before long we had abandoned the car and had all our worldly goods including a box of wine consolidated and with aid of a trolley headed towards the arrivals hall where, before very long, we met up with Wendy and Sarah again.  It was good to be together again.  We took our baggage back to the car – Wendy’s sister has donated her people carrier for our trip which is wonderfully large and comfortable – and set off back to the airport to await young Helen.  And then there she was!  It was great to see her again too.  The band was back together and ready for our next adventure!

The drive back to Wendy and Sarah’s house at Curl Curl took a bit of time, but also took us over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  There were people climbing up it!  Keith has said a firm ‘no’ to this opportunity so I guess we won’t be do it – not sure I would want to anyway!  Chattering all the way we eventually got to the girl’s house which is white weatherboarding and full of sunshine and light. From the top floor you can see the sea!  Fabulous!

A raucous evening ensued – aided by two bottles of champagne and several more bottles of wine………

2 thoughts on “Monday 7th September off to Sydney! To”

  1. The drive up from Melbourne sounded wonderful. There is a chance that Kathryn and Sunil will be moving to Melbourne next year for six months and if they do, that drive (possibly the other way around) will be on my hit list when we make our visit.


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