3 thoughts on “Labring later”

  1. Always interesting to see how Tibetan Buddhism is preserved in northern China complete with the ceremonial yellow hats yet the Chinese treat the Tibetans desire for freedom so cruelly. The Dalai lama has been so long in exile and will probably be he last Dalai Lama . Remember the smell of the yak butter lamps from monasteries in Mongolia ? By the way there is a really good programme ion Chinese art on BBC 4 and the first programme was all about the dowager empress you have been reading about ! Sure you can find it when you are back . Fascinating to see changes in the art as the history of Chiba unfolds ! Keep on trucking ! Impressive how good communications are now !


    1. It has certainly been interesting up here with much more of a Tibetan feel. We went to the grassland today and that added even more associations with Mongolia we also had so much more freedom in the Himalayan monasteries. Stirring lots of memories! Px


      1. Like me asleep in a car park. ! The lovely lady offering us apricots ! Me putting some calendula on the young monks spot !! And lovely Nando s song on our last day together …


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