7 thoughts on “Out and about in Xian”

  1. Your blog is really great Pauline. China is becoming somewhere that
    I now have a sense of; many thanks. It’s rivalling the Guardian crossword as my daily look forward to! Love Mick


  2. Hope you remember the basics of mahjong I taught you in Hereford! Could be tricky building your walls on a bumpy bus !!

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      1. Well…. I guess he might be taking out the flower tiles …. better go with him. Tricky to send our rules by email… most fun will be trying to hide your tiles from fellow players if you can’t stand them up !!
        If you going into Kyrgyzstan search the epic poem Manas its longest version has over half a million lines of poetry… its a cycle of three generations of heroes….There is a monument in Bishtek but you may be further south. I read about it in the book by colin thuborn.


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