Pauline on the Silk Road – the end of preparation and the eve of the beginning….

So…….I have exhausted my lists, the miracle of packing has taken place (see picture of pack if I can master the technology!) and I am ‘ready’

My thoughts now turn to ‘The Journey’. Circa 4,500 miles from Beijing to Istanbul. The way of ancient merchants bringing the wonders of the orient to the west. We set out tomorrow (24th July) and return to the UK on 30th October. What experiences we will have had by then, what sights will have been seen and how many people we will have met along the way.

Historically my travel ramblings have been confined to my paper diary or in more recent times the occasional email from abroad. However, never let it be said that I don’t move with the times! This time I am going to attempt a ‘Blog’??!! How or whether this will work I do not know at this stage – but I will give it a try. Bulletins are likely to be intermittent as Wifi comes and goes along the way, but do not fret dear audience (if there is one – I may just be talking to myself – a not unusual occurrence!) I will save the morsels of news for you and go to print at the next opportunity.

So let’s get started. By some cunning means I will try to attach the route map and a picture of the ‘truck’ (Keith calls it a bus, the travel company call it Penelope……. ?) in order that you can visualise the mode of transport.

And there I will end my first epistle. The next communication Beijing! I hope!

6 thoughts on “Pauline on the Silk Road – the end of preparation and the eve of the beginning….”

  1. Fantastic Auntie P, we’ll be following you from down under. Sooooooo jealous, what an experience. Bon voyage…..


  2. Hi Pauline, Wifi access in China will be no problem at all, although beware free and unsecured Wifi.. the good news is that you do always know who is listening and sifting through your data 🙂 Chris H


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